David Gonzalez joined Newgard Development in 2013. Prior to joining Newgard Development his experience includes over 10 years in architecture and design for renowned architects such as Michael Graves & Associates, Zyscovich Architects, Kobi Karp & Associates, and Donald Singer Architects. David’s extensive experience in all phases of the design and architecture process has proven to be extremely valuable throughout various Newgard projects including Brickellhouse, CENTRO, Gale Residences and Gale Boutique Hotel. David holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in the city of New York as well as a professional Bachelors degree in Architecture from Florida Atlantic University. His experience also includes several years of teaching in local universities and colleges as well as visiting guest critic, various architecture awards and published work. David’s passion, hard-working attitude, and the ability to create relationships makes him a valued asset to the Newgard team.