Learn how you can help define new standards of excellence and spark transformation within the world’s largest industry.

Hiring at Newgard

We are on the lookout for creative minds.

We hire people from different parts of the globe, experienced in various industries for a common purpose.

At Newgard, we take on challenges that are not easy. We might face difficulties and the process need not always be comfortable or linear. An ideal Newgard team member embraces vagueness, thinks big, and leads from any seat.

We hire people with skills and experience in development, project management, design, architecture, engineering, construction management, procurement, finance, and more.

Find out if Newgard has the perfect role for you.

Work Culture that Matters

While the concept of workplace is constantly changing, at Newgard we take intentional measures to build and preserve a culture that each one of us is proud of being a part of.

We give prime importance to diversity. We are committed to bringing gender diversity to the real estate industry, where women traditionally make up less than 10% of the workforce. We bring the best people across different regions and cultures under one roof.

Newgard Company Principles

Respect. Be patient and polite at all times, regardless of position or workload.

Value. Add to the top line, bottom line, or customer satisfaction.

Diversity. Different backgrounds, ideas, and skillsets result in better outcomes.

Trust. Assume best intent and that others will do their part.

Openness. Encourage curiosity and share information to build our collective knowledge.

Speed. Make quick decisions without fear of failure.

Balance. Be healthy and set your own boundaries.

Frugality. Work in the most cost-efficient manner possible.